Before You Buy Coffee Beans, Read This!

As a coffee drinker you have many options out there for you.  You can venture into a local coffee shop with it’s own unique twist on coffee lover’s favorites.  You can hop on over to one of the notable coffee chains.  You can even head to some of your local fast food chains that now happen to make coffee too.  However, nothing compares to sitting in the comforts of home and brewing your own cup.  So, as a home barista, what are you going to make yourself?  First you need your supplies, including most importantly the beans.

Do you go and just pick up a bag of ready to go ground coffee, do you buy the K-cup, or do you buy the beans?  If you have time to mill the beans yourself with a manual coffee grinder , many consider this to be the ultimate coffee experience.  But, there are so many options for you out there.  You could literally stand in the aisle of the grocery store for an hour pondering your options, especially when you get into questions of fair trade, roast, flavors, and where it comes from.  For the average coffee drinker, you probably just grab a name that sounds familiar, find a label that is aesthetically pleasing, or just roll the dice and grab whatever.  But for the next few weeks this is going to be your morning wake up, your afternoon pick me up, and the drink you serve with dessert to your dinner party guests.  Do you want to just roll the dice?  But who has time to really figure this stuff out – you need the beans and you need them now!

Slow down, let’s break it down for you. One question at at time.

1. Regular or decaf?

2. Flavored? We’re talking hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, etc. Yes or no?

3. Now we are to the question of Roast.  Do you want a blonde/mild, medium, or dark roast?  Basically this is about how long the actual beans have been roasted.  The longer the roast, the darker the coffee is.  A darker roast will be more bold in flavor, generally speaking.

4. Next is blend.  This is where you have to get your reading glasses on.  On any package this is where you get into clever names and various options but if you read it you will find out what the coffee is supposed to taste like or what experience it is supposed to give you. This is probably the most important section.  What do you want it to taste like?

Drinking coffee isn’t like buying a can of soda.  Every time you open said soda you are going to have the same experience.  Coffee isn’t that way.  It depends on the coffee maker, the process, the beans, the add-ons of coffee, creamer, etc.  These questions will help you get to the answer.  But again, the options are many.

How do you view your coffee?  Is it a part of your daily routine?  Coffee can transport you, it can elevate a bland day or mood, it can bring you to a lively conversation, it can comfort you, it can nourish you.  Don’t get lost in that supermarket aisle with a dilemma, friends, but with an opportunity.  Cheers!

Nanoheat Pad Coffee Warmer

Don’t Let Your Coffee Get Cold –

Here’s a handy device that you can use to keep your coffee hot.  The surface is glass, but when you put your coffee on it, it will stay hot.  It’s not just functional though, it looks very stylish.

Whipped Cream Coffee Hack

Whip it Good! –

Want to know how to make a great coffee with whipped cream?  Try freezing the whipped cream first, for 15 minutes or so.  Then you can form the whipped cream using a cookie cutter mold, for festive design.  Of course the whipped cream will melt, but it will put on a show as it does!